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Please take a moment to review this information.  This newsletter is put together for business professionals and individuals and includes articles, tips and tricks, and news worthy information.  We look forward to your feedback!

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Do You Resist Bookkeeping?

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Tip of the Day

Alphabetizing Your Favorites In IE

If you surf anything like me then you will end up with quite a few links in your Favorites.  Favorites can be a great form of quick resource information however after a while become de-alphabetized.  

There is a quick way to re-sort the list: 

Left Click on the Favorites at the top of your browser and when list opens bring mouse down some and Right Click on the menu itself.  A new menu will appear with the feature to Sort By Name.  Left Click on the feature and Presto your Favorites are Alphabetized.  Click on Thumbnail below for picture.

favorite inst..jpg (92240 bytes)

This works in Windows 98 and 2000

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Visit the Disney Store before you come to the Park!


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