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Professional Skills

 Front/Back Office

Sales/Training/User of Popular Software
QuickBooks/ Pro   Quicken                      Word              Outlook                         Access          Publisher           Dreamweaver      Peachtree                     Word Perfect/Corel                            Mailing Merge Lists        Photodraw         CGI/Perl
                            Inventory  control                            Job Cost Accounting               Excel                       FrontPage                     Imaging/Scan/Text                           Real World                    HTML             ACT Contact Software          Photoshop                                           PhotoDraw   
Industry Specific  Perfect Care Med. Billing         Visioneer Med. Billing              Prolaw  Legal software
Windows 3.1,95, 98, 2000, XP                        Office 97, 98, 2000 pro, XP Pro            

15 years hands on working experience and knowledge of networks and administration
Exchange                      Novell                            GroupWise                     Windows NT                  Unix

Sales Name Brand Computers
Setup of Computers and peripherals        Setup workstations                    Troubleshooting          DSL  ISP   Routers   Networking     Pier to Pier                       Specification Requirements         Technical Support via Phone or onsite

Business Services
Accounting                                Monthly In-house Profit/Loss Statements             Database Creation
Payroll/Tax                                Virtual Office Administration        Sales                    Career Coaching
Sales Tax                                       Business Plans             HIPAA Manuals
                   Year End                       Financial Analysis                  Full charge Bookkeeping                Training       Polices & Procedures           Collections                                 Organization        Emergency, Policy, and Employee Manuals                  
Project Management                  Marketing               Budgeting          Credit Card Merchant Accounts
_________________________________________________________CERTIFICATIONS AND EDUCATION

Certified Computer/Software Trainer – - 2000
Certified Accountant V  (Paraprofessional)- Lively Technical School, Florida
Photographer Certified Lab/Dark Room Technician - Lively Technical School, Florida
AA Degree—Seminole Community College, Florida
Continuing BA Degree UCF, Florida
Notary Public/E&O Insured
Member Orlando Chamber of Commerce 2001
         References provided upon request     
Additional Client/work history available upon request


Lee James Floral Design - IT Consultant 2002 - Present.  Hired to handle wireless network , workstations and home systems, training.

Mid-Atlantic East Group, Inc.
– Business & Technology Consulting –
2002 – 2005 – Hired to handle the Monthly Write up for 3 companies, utilizing Excel and Quicken.  Working on a Mac and converting to PC.  IT and Software training for employees in outside office.

Big Brother Big Sister Orlando Division – IT for Orlando Office 2002  -Present Hired to troubleshoot issues with NT network, reinstall NT and troubleshoot workstation issues, train on Outlook and other office software on call and on retainer.

The Urban Spa
Business and Technology Consulting – Orlando, FL 2002 - Present
Hired to complete year end information for tax purposes, monthly QuickBooks work reconciling and balancing books for 2002 and training.

Antelco CorporationTechnology Consulting – Longwood, FL 2002
Hired for monthly maintenance on WinnGate network system with Windows NT, maintain 8 workstations, troubleshoot hardware and software issues, email setup and maintenance of system files and updates.

Gastroenterology & Nutrition – Business and Technology Consulting – Orlando, FL 2001 – Present Hired to assist in the business procedures, proposals, purchasing, and organization of two offices. Computer consultant for training on industry specific software and equipment. Troubleshooting LAN Network issues between the two locations along with the individual workstations running both Windows 98 and NT.

Business and Technology Consulting –
Orlando, FL 2001 – Present Hired to assist in setting up network in new location, wiring and workstation setup, installation of software and web review.  Hired to setup and monthly work i.e. Payroll, client charge distribution on QuickBooks for the multiple companies and escrow accounts, and train.

Westminster Towers
- Business and Technology Consulting - Orlando, FL 2000 – Present Hired to maintain and troubleshoot resource center computers used by residents; setup of Supplies Genie and on-line account; installed modems, software, and maintenance of computer files. Train residents on email and computer operation.

Cardservice International - Agent Central Florida - 2000 - Present.  Trained as Sales Manager for production and setup of Merchant accounts for traditional and Internet businesses in Central Florida.
@techTechnical Consulting – Orlando, FL 2001 – Hired to troubleshoot Access Database built by someone else, utilizing visual basic, database was unable to produce reports.  Worked on issues, rebuilt and provided database that would comply with clients needs and timeframe.

Aaron's Janitorial Supplies - Business Consulting - Orlando, FL 2000 – Hired to assist in new ownership takeover of established small business.  QuickBooks training, procedure setup and organization of company polices. Merchant account setup and train. On call for reference information and training. Website design/implementation/promotions/hosting

Hand Technology  - Personal Technology Consultant - Orlando, FL 1999– 
Name brand Computers/ Software sales and support.  E-commerce site: supplying individuals and businesses with all their computing and technology needs.  Training and setup along with certification.  Now called

Corporate Solutions of Central Florida Business Consulting DBA – Orlando, FL 1995 – Present
Consolidated past and current consulting work into DBA for tax purposes. Tax service and financial advice. Increased web based knowledge, certified trainer, business consultant (on-call), troubleshoot finances and technical needs, marketing, email, snail mail campaigns, coupons, volunteer work, print ads; will take on any project and will complete a head of schedule along with documentation.  Created website and web development, web promotion  - utilizing search engine submitters, opt-in mailing lists software, banner exchange, newsgroup moderator, monthly newsletter and training, and certification.  Utilizing FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Handtech certification training, QuickBooks, Excel, Access, Windows 9x/NT, Microsoft Office, Explorer & Netscape Browsers, Publisher, Photoshop, Web Tools and Languages: Dos, Java Script, CGI/Perl, HTML, DHTML, Active Server Page, CSS.

Murray & Porter M.D - Computer/Financial Consulting - Orlando, FL 1999-2000 -Set up and implemented Medical Billing Software - Visioneer, Work group and Network, Accounting and Financial Consulting

Weaver Roof Consulting, Inc.  - Web Design/Web Maintenance - Orlando, FL 1999-2001 - Created and published Web Site.  Monthly maintenance of site, Web promotion. Utilizing FrontPage, Netmechanic, CNET, Aureate.

The Fillin’ Station CaféFinancial Consulting – Orlando, FL 2000 - Re-organize office administration, Audited and corrected financial information on chart of accounts. Reduced year old debt by $8000 in 3 weeks.  Streamlined procedures for monthly expenses to increase working cash flow.  Utilizing QuickBooks, MS internet. Created coupon for Wing Night discount for Tickmaster Employees.

 Volunteer/Treasurer—Orlando, FL 2000 to Present - Elected treasurer for The Greater Orlando Peasant Revolt Committee.  For mayor campaign, also elected treasurer and o
btained text limited database from Orange County Elections office via email and supplied signed privacy document, converted into Access database, edited for merge mailing of over 1,000 plus campaign letters.  Mail merged, folded, stuffed, and mailed using online to expedite addressed envelopes and stamps. Utilizing Access, Word, and email.  Also volunteer for tech team.

Ripley's Entertainment  - Data Base Consulting - Orlando, FL 2000
Assisted in processing Ripley's cartoons into database, text and graphics for 25 years.  Presented proposal for completion of project in timely manner. 
McDonough, O’Dell, Beers & Wieland     - Financial Consulting – Orlando, FL 1998-1999
Hired to resolve industry specific software issues - Prolaw, corrected format of billing layout to correct 2 year old problem with software, reduced time factor and backlog of A/R billings to third party, reorganized accounting department, streamlined legal costs procedure for increased time and cash savings, implemented new software and systems to utilize their Front/Back Office for maximum efficiency, collected funds 1 to 2 years outstanding increasing cash flow by 65%, audited and balanced prior and current years books, created spreadsheet to verify and figure partners tax liability due to no records found, through procedures created a one pay period funds ahead, without affecting current liabilities paid old debts off to vendors, some 5 years old.   Utilizing GroupWise, Windows NT, and Exchange

Consulting Management, Inc. - Computer Consulting - Orlando, FL 1999
Creation of Template to be used with QuickBooks to allow for payroll checks to be printed in another city with valid signature and restrictions. Corrected company’s QuickBooks setup to provide accurate information on all reports etc.           

Data Search International, Inc.Business Consulting – Orlando, FL 1995-1999
Oversaw all business actions, in charge of A/P and financial decisions, purchasing, employee relations, vendor relations, client relations, collected funds that were 2 to 3 years outstanding increasing cash flow by 35%, marketing, client reports. Utilizing Unix, QuickBooks, Word, Excel

MADSearch Meetings and DestinationsDatabase Consulting – Miami, FL 1998
Created, researched marketing database – Access- to be utilized via the Internet also provided demographics and marketing data.

Trace Investigations, Inc.  Business Consulting – Orlando, FL 1996-1998Initial audit of purchased company revealed $9000 in cash funds not recorded. Troubleshooter for actual cash funded through funding company and discovered over $20,000 in funds not paid to company. Utilizing Unix system.

References provided upon request     
Additional Client/work history available upon request