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  • Startup help with setting up bank accounts to FIED ID, sales tax, accounting systems and more - $65 an hour
  • Business Plans  $1,000 phase - 1 - $2400 phase 2 - $4800 phase 3
  • Restructuring and Turnaround - Written analysis negotiable
  • Accounting and bookkeeping projects - $35 to $75 an hour depending on the project.
  • Database, Spreadsheets, and Research projects - $55 an hour
  • Business Payment Solutions i.e. Merchant acceptance of Credit and Debit Cards and Telecheck ECA and Warranty
  • Internet and Website e-commerce help through resources and contract negotiable

Call 407-268-5628 or email


  • Business Analysis
  • Basic
  • Advanced

The term Business Analyst (BA) is used to describe a person who practices the discipline of business analysis. A business analyst or "BA" is responsible for analyzing the business needs of their clients and stakeholders to help identify business problems and propose solutions.

Organizations need to focus on strategic matters on a more or less continuous basis in the modern business world. Business analysts, serving this need, are well-versed in analyzing the strategic profile of the organization and its environment, advising senior management on suitable policies, and the effects of policy decisions. Working with the client we will provide a written analysis on how your business operations and cash flow can be improved and increased.

We offer Basic and Advanced packages designed for different needs.

In addition, for future needs all call-backs will be $150 a session.

We guarantee 100% Satisfaction on all packages.

Contractual agreements will be compiled and agreed upon.

BASIC analysis is designed for the business that is not in trouble but is starting to experience delays and complications in daily tasks and functions. This service will give you a quick response on what you can do today.

1. We will review all aspects of your specific business and industry.
2. Analyze and compile data.
3. Create strategies to improve productivity and cash flow.
4. Provide written documentation of entire process and make recommendations for future profits.
5. Make recommendations for implementation.


ADVANCED SOLUTIONS analysis is we get involved with you and your staff on goals for the business, employee relations, operations, training, and written plan with log book.

1. Meet with key people and review procedures and document minutes. Provide and in-depth assessment of status.
2. Review and update Organizational Chart and relay importance of making it available to all staff in the business.
3. Evaluate software, front office and back office procedures in accordance with industry.
4. Evaluate financials to review financial goals and find holes and/or leaks causing issues with cash flow.
5. Record process and procedures with strategies and improvements in place.
6. Implementation of agreed upon solutions.

Cost: $2574.00


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